Cap'n K's Guide to Exploration

sedris's journal
and then.... fire.

We’re still looking for the pieces of the cure.

Finding His Son
'Em darn skeletons

The party ventured into a remote island in The Shattered City. They were sent on a mission by Thomas Hawke. They need to bring back his son, Allon, dead or alive.

The party, with the help of Karr Luckfinder, found the wreck of The Raven. They got on their island hopper and got attacked by barnacle apes on their way there. Captain K’s crew effortlessly fended them off while on the hopper.

Once the party travelled deep into the Raven’s wreck and into ancient (unknown) masonry; they discovered that the place was demonic worship grounds and infested with demons. They encountered a demonic puppeteer that erected skeletons from the ground, one of which killed Sledge SideIron.

The rest of the party made it out alive and found Allon’s remains and took it onto the ship. They also took a mysterious charm with them. Karr wanted this charm but Khail Urm’frost refused to give it to him. They agreed on a compromise and continued onto sleep. During their sleep Karr stole Khail’s charm and one of his fingernails (for good luck) and run off with it. Khail chased him and tackled Karr making Karr throw the charm off-board. The charm animated and beamed a brilliant voidglow onto Karr turning him glowmad and into an ogre.

The adventure ended with Khail in an epic battle with a glowmad orc or ogre and defeating him by a finishing blow to his sensitive parts.

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