Eliza Brachen

honorable elven duelist


Agility: 10, Smarts: 4, Strength: 6, Spirit: 8, Vigor: 6,

Pace: 6

Hindrances: glowblind, loyal, code of honor, all thumbs

Edges: Wall Walker, Nerves of Steel,

Persuasion: d8, Fighting: d10, Boating: d6, Guts: d8, Intimidation: d8


Eliza I do not consider myself to be an intellectual, quite the opposite in fact. That does not prohibit me however, from recording events in the elegant language of my kin. In terms of my kin I am young, but in the minds of others my life is old and full. Though my elegance with words lacks in comparison to the richness of events, I shall record them to the best of my abilities. Never bound to be a member of the brachen guard, my connection to my people began weak. It grew in time however, and as they knew my elegance, my status among my people grew. My agility combined with my scaling abilities made me valuable aboard a ship, and a wealthy merchant took me on as her protégé. Though I say merchant, I suppose now I would say ‘slaver’. Her name was Adala, and though not a fighter, I respected her for her courage, skill at the helm, and ingenuity in business matters. From her I learned the ways of ships, and some negotiation and secrets of intestinal fortitude. In exchange, I served as her shield. I served as her double no less than 5 times, killing 3 people in the process. Were I not so heavily blooded and disposed to violence myself, I might call her bloodthirsty in an indirect sense. She had the skill to lead, and speak, and with those she did not need to fight. She attracted talent. Hermann, our master of quasi legal matters was deadly in his own right, and his sister Hermine I often fear was better with a rifle than I am with a sword. I say ‘I fear’ because I did not leave my old skipper on the best of terms. Something I said was taken wrongly when Hermine took one of the slaves to bed, and both of the siblings took offense. Between their words against mine, there was little chance. Adala now believes that I seek to free slaves, and I suppose I should count myself lucky that I wasn’t left for the glow to take me. At any rate, I lived as a free blade for a time, until finally being picked up by another ship. This one specifically: The miss adventure. To many I may seem like I am wandering as one without a goal, but this is not the case, I have a very real objective, and it has not changed after being lost from my first trip. I simply wish to be the best in my trade, and to walk unflinchingly into fire.

Goals: Die heroically, become a better duelist to defeat each member of her former ship in a former duel.

Eliza Brachen

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