Captain Kitty Cat

A curious kitty who is also captain of the Miss Adventure.


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Captain Kitty Cat

“How curious!”

Captain Kitty Cat is a cat wildling. She was enslaved by elves until she was smuggled out of the slave trade by Khail. She is highly indebted to him. Khail helped her to get associated with the world. As a slave, she was very sheltered from the world and the dangers it holds. Without Khail teaching her the various aspects of the world she would have died. However, the more she learned about the world the more she wanted to know about it. It was a fascinating place for her—-this place with floating lands, constant glow, and infinite void below it all. Eventually, all the things she learned about she kept in a journal. This journal, Kitty hoped, would be published and become a book to help out other Wildlings who were recently freed. A few years after Khail freed Kitty, he offered her the position of Captain of the Miss Adventure. Seeing this as a great opportunity to explore the world and learn more about it, she eagerly accepted. Thus, begins the adventures of Captain Kitty Cat and her curious crew. 

FAMILY LIFE: Captain Kitty Cat does not know who her family is. She was taken away from them at an early age and put into slavery. Her family now would be Khail, who is like some kind of uncle/father figure to her, and her crew.

A LITTLE MORE HISTORY: Captain Kitty Cat was a slave since birth until the age of 12 when she was freed by Khail. She worked in the master’s house cleaning and doing various chores. When she was 10, she was involved in an accident that caused her to lose her left arm.

Captain Kitty Cat

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